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The coat came literally as I was walking out the door to Nashville. I finally had a moment to try it on and.... I never thought I would like another coat as much as my GT but I  was wrong. My oh my is it wonderful! It is rather funny, the coat arrived on a day where it almost hit 80 fahrenheit here! Supposedly its going to drop Thursday Friday of this week and I may get one shot to wear it before we go to Japan but I will cherish it and wait for a good, cold winter to use it!

I love it. Thank you so much. I dont have the tag on me to thank whoever hand crafted it, but they did an unfathomably good job. Thank them for me, would you?

Thanks for making amazing products. I am going to reach out next fall, see if we can make one for Laurel (my wife) she's tall and thin so I think she has a good shot at it.

Love you all. You make buying handmade well worth it.


I thank you with information you returns.

Regarding the B7 jacket, it is beautiful. I am impressed craftsmanship (finishing and fit my size). I had never seen such a beautiful jacket. An ocean of sweetness !!

thank you very much

Best regards


I recently purchased my Horween steerhide A2 from your outlet page, just thought I would let you know, STUNNING, absolutely perfect. Ive had many A2s from many makers, low end to high end and they have never been just right so you can imagine how happy I am with finding this one which couldve been made for me and to get it at sale price too! Many thanks, ill treasure it!!

Hallo Debs,

Wow, I got yesterday the parcel and it made my day. The jackets are amazing!! the size, the leather, the shape, the tartan,... well to be honest they are better than I was expecting. Thanks a lot.

As soon as I can I will send you some pictures. So you can have an idea how they look like on me.


Hi Debs

Well, what can I say, the jacket is just fantastic and looks so cool!
I really am looking forward to many years of enjoyment from wearing such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Many thanks once again to yourself, Steve and the whole team at Simmons Bilt for all your help and advice.

And please would you also say a special 'thank you' to Edith from me. I really appreciate the great skill and hard-work she has put into making it.

Hi Debs

wow wow wow! beyond my expectations- beautiful please thank all (besides yourself of course!) for my beautiful jacket

once i break it ill snap a few photos and send them!!

best new year wishes!!

Hi Debs,

got the package yesterday (arrived monday but I haven't been home since).
The jacket looks stunning, smells awesome and fits well, now I just have to break it in! :)
Thank you very much for all your help and dedication and have a nice christmas and a happy new year.



I have received the B7 today.

I'm not sure there are enough superlatives to express my precise opinion of the product. The quality is quite simply unsurpassed. The fit is perfect and the finish superb. From browsing, selecting, ordering, manufacturer and delivery - the communication and answering of my many questions throughout has been first class.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and Simmons Bilt - and an even greater pleasure receiving a product which more than backs up all the hype. Please convey my sincere thanks to Kelly for making the jacket. I would like to wish you and all at SB a great Xmas and new year.



Dear Debs and Simmons bilt team,

I received the jacket today and just wanted to let you all know how wonderful it is. Everything was exactly as I hoped for! It in fact exceeded my expectatons. I will send pictures soon, and in the meantime, please know of my gratitude and warmest regards,

Thank you once again,

Geoffrey Strickland

My lifelong companion arrived today, and I am extremely pleased with it!
I'll be wearing it at every opportunity.



My dear Debs,

the Jacket arrived last friday! And now i have a problem: My woman starts to be annoyed because i am wearing it all the time, even though i am inside or when having dinner and so on ;-) Its just amazing. Great job!

I will wear it some days to get it less stiff and send you some picture then.

Thanks so much for all your affort and help. I am more than happy with the result and will recommend you to everybody who wants a nice and high quality jacket!

Greetings Adrian

Hi Steve and team !!!

I am taking a few minutes to put finger to keyboard and express my absolute joy on receiving my Kanal jacket made by you guys. As you know i had  searched high and low worldwide for a manufacturer of this Iconic Luftwaffe jacket to no avail, so you could imagine my absolute surprise and delight that in passing conversation you happened to mention you could make one !!

At that moment the deal was struck and jacket commissioned..............after a few tentative phone calls on my part regarding sizing issues, and with subsequent changes  made the material was entrusted to your master Artisan/Genius seamstress Julie Kelly who in a matter of weeks transformed meters of sheepskin in to a work of art. From the moment of opening the box the smell was right, the packaging was right and the jacket begged to be worn !

Once on it is quite obvious everything about this jacket is quality and shouts craftmanship of the highest order. I know a lot about these jackets and i know that they were a very technical piece to make hence the short manufacture run during the war. This jacket is on a par with every authentic one i have seen and is a credit to you guys.

As you know Steve I have owned lots of top quality leather jackets in my time (and some bad ones ) and this  one marches ahead of all of them..

A great experience from the ordering process to the finished article, and we WILL be doing business in the future.

Thank you, and special thanks to Julie who created a masterpiece

Mike Owens

I received my jacket a few minutes ago and what can I say... I'm totally flashed, my dream came true. Absolutely perfect look and fit.

So many thanks to you guys from Simmons Bilt, especially to you for your friendly and patiently contact and to Moira for the great job.

A pic will follow after I'm back from my business trip to China.

Kind regards

Andreas Agapow

Hello again,

I've received my jacket this morning and I couldn’t be happier with it, thank you.

It turned out better than I had imagined: the leather is impressive, the construction is great and above all, the fit is everything I had hoped for. Very pleased and impressed with my first AL jacket

I particularly like how the original design was slimmed down without losing its classic look and feel and that the waist looks this neat despite the tightest adjustment setting (It also reassuring that I can expand it to accommodate a future gut that may come with age).

I’m attaching a couple of fit pics for your reference. It looks much better in the flesh.

Thanks again, I’ll be wearing this for a long long time!  

Wishing you an excellent weekend,



Hi Debs

just to say how delighted I am with my jacket. (motorrad, horse, burgundy, no top pockets, gunn tartan lining).  I have to say I was slightly anxious going a bit non-standard but I needn't have worried.  It is quite magnificent.  Please extend my gratitude to all involved in it's creation.  Now all I need to do is break in those button holes.........

kind regards
david swann

Hi all at Simmons Bilt...

Okay...the jacket has arrived. It is so nice in every way. It looks feels wonderful. I'm a clothes guy, especially jackets...this article you have made is a joyful thing. Even though it's mid-summer, I'm wearing this thing anyway. 

You clearly have a good company together. Any new endeavor is difficult...but the evidence of your product and service shows you're really good at this. Keep moving ahead and great things will come to all.

Yours Truly...Stephen Grant

Hi Debs ,

I have worked in purchasing ( aerospace ) for over thirty years, since my late teens . Your handling of my order enquiry , out of hours communication , order processing and expedited delivery was " world >class ". The vast majority of vendors I have dealt / deal with should take a leaf out of your book ".

Regards ,


Hi again Debs

I received my new jacket yesterday and wow…..... Just wow. 
Fits like a glove, craftsmanship like no other (Thanks Joanne!! You are an artist!) and quality is out of this word. It’s perfect in every way.
To quote you….. It’s a real belter :)
Thanks again and hope you have a great summer!

Best regards


hello Debs,

just receive today and awesome, it's make for me

the size is perfect and beautiful

i'm very happy 


happy summer and perhaps next time for a jacket TYPE B-3 in size 44 and sample

Hey Debs,

My jacket arrived today and It fits perfectly! I'm so happy, just wanna drop an email to thank you in person.

Have a lovely evening and thank you once again!


what to say ...
waoooo !!!! it is insane !!!!

my favorite
the work is great and sensational !!!

leather is also a great and real leather
hehehe, we will have some time to break it also hahaha
I really love it alot

a huge thank you for your fantastic job !!!!!
I am really happy

when the jacket will be a little formatting and broken, I will try to make cool pictures and I'll send you
again a huge thank you



My favorite Jacket from now on. Had and have a lot of Jackets from different companys, but this Jacket fits and looks for me at very best.
The leather is wonderfull, the workmanship is beyound any doubt. 
Thx a lot and thanks to the machinist who make this jacket.
And thanks to you Debs for your maintenance. ( Its like the Oscar Night in Hollywood, when the actors hold the curtain call :=) )

Sorry have no facebook or twitter, but when i make some pictures i will sent then to u with a mail.

Best regards


Hi Debs,

The jacket arrived today! Unbelievable service; you guys are just amazing!

The fit is perfect; the measurements spot on. The leather and craftsmanship are exquisite! Everything about jacket exceeds my expectations (no mean feat).. My FQHH Roadster was probably my favourite jacket ever owned. The new half belt is equally nice -- I wasn't expecting it to be that good.. But the Horween steer is just as awesome; finer grain, more consistent..  Can't wait to break it in! Thanks for the positive feedback on my photography! I'll try to get a shot of me working on location in one of the AL jackets!

Thanks again,



Hi Steven,

Just a quick email to let you know that my Blue & Gold Apollo jackets have safely arrived in the land of Oz, and exactly on the day that Parcelforce promised. I just wanted to say that I am pleased beyond expectations with my two jackets, they are truly wonderful pieces of craftsmanship.

Could you please also pass on my thanks to Brendan who emailed me regarding completion and dispatch. Amanda who corresponded with sizing etc. The size we chose between us (44) is exactly correct for me. The jackets are just the tiniest smidge neat around the tummy, but I made the request for size 44 and I definitely need to lose a couple of kilos anyway ! lol

And last, but definitely not least, Anne. Clearly Anne is a gifted Artisan whose skills have not failed to impress me. I, myself am capable of using an industrial sewing machine and have an appreciation of what was required to produce these pieces. Please let Anne know that I am absolutely thrilled with what she has created.

I know that I made several specific custom requests with these jackets and absolutely everything is correct, down to the last stitch. Once again, a big thank you to all the team at Alexander Leathers & Still the Right Stuff. Your products are superb and worth every Penny paid for them !

Kindest regards,David

Alexander leathers manufacture some of the finest leather jackets available. The build quality, attention to detail/customer specifications, and service is first rate. They have a wide range of leathers ,styles, linings, and other custom options available and can accommodate other requests and ideas by working closely with the customer to meet individual needs.

I recently ordered a pair of custom zip sleeve roadsters in what must be the thickest, stiffest Horween Chrome Tanned Steerhide that it is possible to build a jacket out of. This stuff is practically boot leather, feels like armour, and will take years of breaking in. Just what a classic 50s/60s style rocker/biker jacket should be about in my opinion.

The front zipper is a heavy duty appropriate gauge nickel talon, the other talon zippers totally functional and compliment the jacket style, the linings high quality Locharron Royal Stewart and tough black polycotton, and the stitching super strong and robust. Steve at Alexander accommodated all my custom requirements including design features and sizing. He was very helpful with suggestions and recommendations and was in close contact throughout the whole process.

Compliments to Jonny (the pattern cutter) and Moira (the seamstress) who have done an incredible job.

The 2 jackets are the best I have ever owned, and I've had a few. Alexander Leathers are up there with (and in my opinion may very well supercede) the other small handful of quality leather garment manufacturers in the world - although they are all pretty good. I would recommend Alexander Leathers to anyone looking to invest in high quality authentic leathers that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Matt Rendall

The jacket arrived today!

What can I say - it's perfect! not only it fits perfect , the leather looks great and feels like.

Thanks for the very good service and the good job!

Take care,Ralf

My Long Rider jacket arrived last week. Just wanted to say that I'm more than happy of how the jacket turned out to be. Black vintage horsehide is really stunning and I’d imagine with a few years of hard use it will be even more stunning. As for the fit of the jacket, especially lengthwise, it is absolutely spot on and exactly like I wanted it to be.

The workmanship put into this jacket is just short of amazing. I’m a big fan and endorser of handcraft and artisan and I have to say that yours is among the best I’ve ever come across. So all in all very, very, very satisfied with the jacket!


Received the jacket today and it is outstanding! I love the leather, the design came out exactly as I wanted, and the fit is great! The quality of the construction is just phenomenal. It is built to last!

Thank you so much for all your help in putting this jacket together. Also, please also pass on my appreciation and compliments to Joanne and any others who worked on my project.

All of my Alexander jackets have been amazing and I’m proud to own them.

Thanks again.Randall

I just received my Dakota this morning and I've never been happier! It fits like an absolute glove and the Kudu hide is not like anything I've seen or handled. Simply put, it's incredible! Needless to say, I'm quite happy with it.

Thank you so much Amanda for your excellent customer service to me throughout this process. I always know I'm in the best hands when I have you in the equation.

Please thank Edith on my behalf, she really did a masterful job in crafting this beautiful and unique jacket for me.

Alexander has more than a few patterns that I really like, which is Shayne code for "must eventually buy", so I'm sure we'll be doing this again soon. Until then, take care Amanda.


After continuously wearing the jacket for the past few days I do officially declare it a masterpiece! ;) No, honestly, it fits like a glove. Great work! Send my regards to Will and Janet, I'm really really satisfied with the result! Anyway, thanks a million for your kind help and patience!

Kind regards,Peter

Jacket has been received. PERFECT fit and an incredible color; WOW – My next jacket will be ordered from your company.

Thanks much,Kevin

Yesterday afternoon I received the jacket Alexander Leather. It is perfect. The perfect size, note that is tailor-made and fits me like a glove. The hardness, strength and brightness of premium leather. It has been a pleasure to buy you for the product and even more exquisite service you give. The terms record, even for a customized product.

Congratulates the team for me.Thank you very much for everything.

Best regards,Eduardo

Gerard Butler had this to say about an Alexander he bought from our distributor in the USA :

" Bobby, I have a weakness for a nice leather jacket and have to say that this Cafe racer Jacket you sent me in that Horween Steerhide is the the best I have had. I find myself reaching for it every day. Look forward to getting more. "

I am no stranger to leather flight jackets, having owned many examples from several manufacturers and I can say categorically that Alexander Leather garments are as 'good as it gets.' Will is always friendly, welcoming and accommodating. Enormous care is taken to ensure a great fit, and the Seal jerky horsehide used on my latest A-2 is top-notch.

Needless to say, I am now planning my next visit to the factory to see all my pals and the exciting latest additions to the company's catalogue!

Congratulations and thanks again to you all.

Just got the jacket –thank you for the amazingly fast delivery. It is absolutely fabulous – better than I expected. Well done Vicki. You were right - fit is great and sleeves seem fine!


Yesterday arrive the parcel me. Wow... very beauty jacked. The size is perfekt. The coulor is fantastic. Iam really happy. many many Thanks for the good Work and Communication.

Best wishes Sebastian Schmidt

I would like to convey my thanks to everyone at Alexander Leathers, especially Moira, for the excellent Vintage Brown Steer Roadster I received last month. The quality of the leather and the construction of the jacket are top notch. The fit is spot on.

Thanks again to all the staff at Alexander Leathers!

Just thought that I should drop you a quick email to say I am really delighted with my new Dakota Jacket from Alexander Leathers really very impressed and the finish is absolutely fantastic.

Thank You to you all. Best Wishes, Mark.

I received the jackets today and I couldn´t be more satisfied with them. The quality of the leather is superb although much smoother than my motorcycle jacket. Also a big "thank you" to your craftsmanship which seems to be of highest regard.

Picked up your jacket today. As i opened the box, i was blown away...I never had such a nice jacket!! The fit is spot on, fits like a glove. I very, very like this gorgeous goat-leather. Also Vicky done a masterpiece of work! Not a single flaw, i can see...Many thanks again from a very satisfied Alexander leathers Customer


I have been away but was very glad to see the jacket had arrived; it is really very well done, the fit is perfect. Looking forward to many years of walks in the woods with Sadie wearing it. Thank you so much for all your help!


I just picked up the jacket and it fits perfect!!! I'm really happy with it. Absolute best quality i have seen in leather jackets. Thanks for all your help. The delivery service was awful, but i believe that is Finland's fault, and nothing to do with you, your service was the best. Thank you for everything and for making these great products.


Just a quick note to let you know that the order has arrived. That Russet Buffalo hide is just amazing! Thanks again to all the craftswomen for their superb work, especially moira, as she made 6 of them! The Long Riders look jaw dropping in the Russet Buffalo ( 1 each from Janet, Vicki, and Joanne)

All the bestSteve

The jacket just arrived. Absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect fit, outstanding worksmanship (craftsmanship) and great service!! I couldn't be happier, Cheers and all the best,


The Montana came today and i'm impressed. Fits like it was made for me. very happy with it thanks.


The beast is here... at my office...back me....lying on the my chair...Jesus! it smells good! Steerhide! I can feel the wild beast :)) Amazing piece of art! Enormass thanks to Janet :)) I am shocked! More comments later after some wear!


Thanks for the quick delivery, jacket is outstanding, Great work. Really happy.

Best greetingsTorsten

Now that i have tried the jacket and have a few minutes i just wanted to say that so far it appears to be absolutely brilliant! I'm tempted to say it is perfect, and it may well be, i just want to wear it a bit more. I was unsure as to how the fit would turn out but the sleeve length, the coat length and the chest and shoulders all seem to be spot on! Of course the thing that i expected was the quality, stunning absolutely stunning! thanks so much for getting it to me in time for my forthcoming weekend in Toronto which includes a rock concert. I'll take it with me and will soon send a few photos.


Recieved my Arkansas today, and all i can say is "thank you very much"!! The Russet goatskin is soft and grainy (just what i asked for), the craftmenship is second to none (let Vicky know that i appreciate the job she did, and that she is an artist), an the fit is like i came to Scotland and you measured me yourself. I couldn't be more happy, and now i can't wait for some cooler weather to get some serious wearing in. Please let everyone know how much i appreciate all their work they did and thank you Amanda, for going above and beyond the call of duty to get the russet goatskin for my jacket and make the modifications i wanted. You have got a great company and with this kind of quality and great service, you can have nothing but success.

Take care and God Bless!!Warmest Regards - Paul