Simmons Bilt Clothing Company Ltd

How to Order

Step 1

We ask for your measurements as only a guide for us to determine the closest fit for you from our sizing, we DO NOT use these measurements to adjust the pattern to custom fit the jacket for you. We can custom fit but this will incur additional charges and we would quote a price once all details have been received. (Please read our returns policy page).

We rely on accurate measurements being provided so please always get someone to help you measure yourself to ensure accuracy, If you need help finding out what size you are, just take a look at our handy guide below:


Measurement Guide

  1. Place the tape under your armpits and across chest

  2. Place the tape around your navel area

  3. Measure straight across from left to right

  4. Place tape at the centre of the neck (neck bone) and measure down for your desired length

  5. Keep your arm relaxed by your side and measure from the point of shoulder down the outside of the arm to just above the knuckles.

  6. Height
Measurement Guide Illustration


Step 2

Browse the website and decide on your style of jacket, then select your preferance for size, leather and lining

Step 3

If you would like a tartan lining please go onto the custom options page and select a lining from Lochcarron of Scotland or select Stock Tartan from the drop down menu and we will use one of our regular stock tartans.

Step 4

That's it, leave the rest to us. Our experienced pattern cutter and machinist will do the rest.

Your Simmons Bilt Jacket is well under way.